The Team


CEO & Founder
Catherine is the CEO and founder of NFT Stadium. She is an entrepreneur and has been involved in the Crypto space since 2012 and was an early investor in leading blockchain companies including Coinbase, Ripple, and more.


CTO & Cofounder
Daniel is the CTO of NFT Stadium. Daniel has over 4 years of Blockchain experience and began his career in video game development as well as Media where he held various roles within Yahoo!.


Sam is the CSO of NFT Stadium. He has an extensive NFT, media, and fan engagement background and previously served as the President of PokerGO. Sam is a well-known NFT investor in the collectibles space owning numerous collections including Bored Ape Yacht Club.


Project Manager
EJ is the Project Manager of NFT Stadium. He brings 6 years of experience in audience insights and social media analytics, having consulted for some of the biggest brands (WB, Sony, Apple TV, Spotify, Twitter, CBS, MLB, NFL, PepsiCo, and more). Passion for the creator economy, digital art, and trendspotting led him to web3.


Product Designer
Sadok is the product designer of NFT Stadium. He is responsible for all aspects of designing from ideation to marketing collateral. His skills included 3ds max, AutoCAD, Fusion360, Mudbox, Keyshot, Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.

Zac aka Dragoonn

Community Manager
Zac is the Community Manager of NFT Stadium. He supports clients in nurturing their early-stage NFT communities during their project’s launch. Feel free to reach out to him on our Discord server!

Our Vision

NFT Stadium is a full-service marketplace platform creating innovative NFT experiences for passionate fan bases across sports, entertainment, and music. In our humble opinion, NFTs represent more than a transaction, but a relationship. Our NFT projects create a two-way value proposition with mutual benefit to brands and collectors alike.

We believe in NFT collectorship as a participatory experience. Our NFT projects create fun and engaging ways for fans to interact with brands while sharing memorable experiences within common interest communities. We specialize in clear utilities that cater to needs of existing fans and act as an on ramp to Web3. Our partners’ success is our success. We nurture long-term partnerships as we aim to create compelling NFT experiences for their fans and customers. Our collaborative partner network is constantly growing, and with that our support system of established projects is strengthening.

Our team is equipped to help through every step of the NFT launch process – from strategy, to development, through launch and growth. Our strategic goal is to nurture your brand’s most loyal fans and customers through NFT-based community growth. Our dedicated NFT project design & launch support is built on top of a proprietary marketplace platform, compatible with the most popular blockchains, and a bridge to accept credit card payments to make the transition into web3 even easier for curious consumers. We are habitually looking to create new revenue-generating opportunities in addition to primary and secondary NFT sales.

NFT Stadium IO services include strategic consulting, artwork and design, discord buildout and moderation, community partnership outreach, smart contract development and deployment, social listening and post-launch strategic advisory. Interested in bringing your brand to web3? Send us a message!